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At Nathulla Pass – A crash course in Chinese

One of the many boards at Nathulla Pass – The Indo China Border atop 14000 feet , near ...

India through my eyes

You find them anywhere- atop old temples, inside fields, sometimes even at homes – King, God, Demon , ...

India through my eyes – rustic life

While returning from Daroji, we stopped by at a small village near Hampi to have tea. The locals ...

India through my eyes – colours of sanctity

Selling like hot cakes – mountains of colourful vermillion in an Indian bazaar

Its festival time in India !

Indians are forever celebrating – births of Gods and Goddesses, their marriages and the victory of deities over ...

India through my eyes – Breakfast at Ranganatittu Sanctuary

The juvenile painted storks along with the adult painted stork having a go at their breakfast in Ranganatittu ...