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Hampi and the monsoons

I don’t chase the monsoons. In fact I am all for blue skies and green grass. Yet, the ...

Monday moments – Pups cuddled up in Hampi

Most of my friends complain of Monday morning blues..here is something to add to it..Every Monday, I am ...

A blue sky from Hampi

Elephants Stable from Hampi – a perspective. For more skies across the world, do visit Skywatch

Onake Kindi – rock art from a prehistoric site

We passed through lush fields as we drove down from Anegundi.    There were neither huts nor shops in ...

Hampi – A perspective

Mahanami Dibba – Hampi Built by king Krishnadevaraya to celebrate his victory over the rulers of Udayagiri, this ...

Hampi – Photo essay on a nomadic life

We met a few nomads in Hampi and the women folk shyly spoke to us. They are mainly ...