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Madurai Heritage – a treasure house of stories

Sipping my hot cup of filter coffee from the traditional brass tumbler and davara – the Tamil equivalent of the cup and saucer, I dip ...
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Five reasons to visit Istanbul

There is a sense of timelessness when you visit Istanbul. The magical confluence of the East and West can be experienced here as you can ...
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48 hours in Vizag

It is the pristine beach that beckoned me. The silence felt like music to the ears.  The occasional vehicle whizzed past me but the melody ...
Andhra PradeshVijayawada

Why you must visit Vijayawada now

Looking down from the window seat of the flight, I saw tiny squares of lush paddy fields dipped in shades of green. And as thin ...

Beyond Charminar – places to see in Old City Hyderabad

There is always something charming about Old Hyderabad, despite all the hustle and bustle. I have always loved Old Towns everywhere, be it in Europe ...
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Top ten list of travel essentials that travel with you

Although I have been virtually on the road for the last two decades,  I always get jittery when I have to pack for a trip. ...
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Pullman Luang Prabang – Lost in the lap of nature

I gasped for a moment. I had not seen so much beauty in one frame in one single moment. The mountains surrounded me. Lush paddy ...
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