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Andhra PradeshVijayawada

Why you must visit Vijayawada now

Looking down from the window seat of the flight, I saw tiny squares of lush paddy fields dipped in shades of green. And as thin ...
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Beyond Charminar – places to see in Old City Hyderabad

There is always something charming about Old Hyderabad, despite all the hustle and bustle. I have always loved Old Towns everywhere, be it in Europe ...
tipstravelTravel Packing TipsTravel Tips

Top ten list of travel essentials that travel with you

Although I have been virtually on the road for the last two decades,  I always get jittery when I have to pack for a trip. ...
accomodationAccor HotelsHotel ReviewsLaosLuang Prabang

Pullman Luang Prabang – Lost in the lap of nature

I gasped for a moment. I had not seen so much beauty in one frame in one single moment. The mountains surrounded me. Lush paddy ...

Vietnam Travel Tips – Places to visit in Vietnam

Vietnam Travel Guide  My dream of visiting Vietnam finally happened after almost seven years of planning. And although it was a short trip, I had ...
accomodationAccor HotelsHo Chi Minh CityHotel ReviewsVietnam

Pullman Saigon Centre – a story everywhere

Saigon or Ho Chi Minh City was sprawled all around me as I took in the 360* view from the 29th floor of my hotel, ...
traveltravel and financetravel cards

2020 Bucket List with Club Vistara SBI Card PRIME

It’s the holiday season. But instead of traveling, I am at home planning my travel calendar for the next year and places to visit in ...
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