Himachal Pradesh

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Switzerland in the Himalayas – Khajjiyar near Dalhousie

The landscape dramatically changes the moment we cross from Punjab to Himachal Pradesh as I am on the road to ...
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Brijvilla – Lost in the layers of mist in Dalhousie

I often wonder how the British identified idyllic little spots in the hills and made them into their retreats. The ...
BlogHimachal PradeshKandaghat

A do nothing holiday in Kandaghat

Have you ever had a holiday just staring at the mountains, watching the mist float gently from one peak to ...
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Driving down in Himachal Pradesh to Mashobra and Chail

The roads curl and wind through the mountains, but every time I look out of the window, the deodars are ...
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Birth of a hill station – Chail

Almost every hill station in India – be it Shimla  or Darjeeling tell the same story. Lush and plentiful in ...
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A morning in Shimla

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