A blast from the past – The Dutch Cemetery in Pulicat and a virtual tour of the coastal town

My uncle had this old photograph that he had taken several decades ago of the Dutch cemetery in Pulicat.  I decided to scan it and post it here – the photograph was almost faded and there was very little correction that i could do – so I just let it be the way he gave it to me.  For all those, wondering how the cemetery looks today, here is a peek.

Dont miss the skeletons engraved on the gates and the tombs here are in Dutch

A little background for those who are wondering what Pulicat is. Pulicat or Pazhaverkadu is a small coastal town with a historic past. A port that dates back to ancient  days, ruled by the early Tamil kingdoms to the Vijaynagar kings.  It had its bit of international regime too – by the Portuguese, Dutch and British A ruined Chola temple lies adjacent to the Dutch cemetery, guarded by skeletons . Ask for the fort and the locals point to another marshland , dotted with shrubs and trees . You can squint through the wilderness and spot some broken walls.  

Walking aimlessly through the streets of  Pulicat ,we saw old ruined houses that still smack of colonial rule .The town  was once known for its slave trade practiced by the Dutch, but it was also a flourishing port , home to some migrant Arab traders. 

And there are several old temples – mostly in ruins, like this temple here 

However the single most attraction for travellers and birders is the Pulicat lake and the flamingos that land here every year. Read my story on Yahoo on the flamingo watch and I hope you enjoyed this virtual tour of Pulicat


  1. Jeevan 24 May, 2012 at 12:02 Reply

    The old photo on the Dutch cemetery is remarkable! I have been there once and want to be there to check the fort and flamingos. Wonderful shots.

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