Its dark in Chennai where I am currently, as it has been raining cats and dogs. My house is an island and I am stranded, waiting for the waters to recede .On the other side of the coast in Mumbai, it is been raining bullets. I feel extremely hollow and sad as I wake up to the killings in Mumbai. Besides Chennai, Mumbai is the city that has groomed me and I owe a lot to this city.I studied there, lived there, built my life and career there and lots of friends and colleagues are still there . It was the safest city at one time and I used to feel proud when I said I have walked around the city post midnight. My college (Sophia Polytechnique ) where I studied and stayed was much closer to South Mumbai and these areas are virtually home to me. It hurts to see so many people dead and the city waking up to terror…My heart goes out to those out there …When will we ever wake up to stop this ? It is time to act more analysis..


  1. priyadarshan 27 November, 2008 at 23:13 Reply

    If the sky is clear on Monday evening do not miss conjunction of Venus- Jupiter and Moon . Observe sky in North-West Direction from 6.15-30 pm to 9.30 pm.

    It’s the one of the wonderful event.

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