Its been a week in South Australia and I have rediscovered the love that I had for this country as a teenager. Australia has always been special. I have dreamt of kangaroos and koalas since I was in school and  as a die hard fan of Steve Waugh cheered for the Australian cricket team. My first international trip was to Australia as well and Adelaide was my first port of halt.

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But the last week in South Australia had made me fall in love with the country all over again. South Australia particularly was so understated, beautiful and wild and Adelaide grew on me.


A view of the Adelaide Oval

The visit to Oval kindled my passion for cricket and I was almost tempted to see a Sheffield match between South Australia and Victoria. If seeing Wimbledon in Wimbledon is one of my dreams, then watching a cricket match in Australia has been another. Love the way, the Aussies come to see a cricket match like it is a family picnic, lying on the grass, drinking beers and cheering for their team. Adelaide Oval, am told has been renovated recently and it will host the World Cup match between India vs Pakistan next February. Hopefully I get a ticket to watch it live.

The other highlight was of course to walk inside the scorecard..yes, you heard that right. We climbed through the rickety wooden steps that have been preserved for the last several hundred years and looked at the stadium through the eyes of the men who worked on the scores outside the pitch.And the last highlight was of course, a fleeting sight of Sir Donald Bradman’s house.

Adelaide Fringe Festival

The lizard man poses

I landed here on a Monday evening and the city was filled with people. Being an University town, I was not surprised to find so many young people out there, but I was told that the crowd was largely due to the ongoing month long Fringe Festival. It was closed on Monday but I got to see an awesome show Limbo and a couple of acts and comedy shows besides a few street performances.

Kangaroo Island beaches

Blue is my favourite colour

But it was Kangaroo Island with its stunning beaches and wildlife and birds that took my breath away. In the wild we spotted kangaroos, wallabies, koalas, echidnas, seals, endemic birds and some jaw dropping landscapes.An encounter with kangaroos and koalas happenned a couple of days later again, but this was in the Cleland Conservation Park .

Kangaroos, Kangaroo Island, Adelaide

Kangaroos in Kangaroo Island


Koalas, Kangaroo Island, Australia

A koala sleeping in an eucalyptus tree in Kangaroo Island

Barossa Valley got me high on spirits as I tasted a 100 year old wine, dated 1914 at Seppeltsfield which was released barely a couple of days ago. I got to pose with my “birth wine” too. The guys at Seppeltsfield used to prepare a wine every year since 1878 and a cellar is stocked with barrels dating till the present day. So, you can find the barrel corresponding with the year of your birth ! I tried four different wines there before heading to Jacob’s Creek for some lovely lunch and more wines.

Seppeltsfield, Australia, Adelaide

At Seppeltsfield – Tasting a century old wine

And wine was not enough for my spirits. So I tasted eight different beers at a micro brewery at Lobethal in Adelaide Hills. Earlier in the day, we roamed in a German village, Hahndorf, the oldest surviving settlement in Adelaide Hills which was populated in the 19th century by 20 families from Germany. As I wandered around it, I was taken back to the town of Sieffen, a charming snow swept village in Saxony Germany .

beer tasting sessions

Australian for beer – a tasting session at a microbrewery

The official tour ends today and I am too lazy to step out after some late night partying at Adelaide on a vibrant Saturday night. But I hope to head to the beach today to Glenelg. The real holiday however begins stay tuned to more posts. Until then, signing off from Adelaide, South Australia.

Kangaroo Island, South Australia

Sunset from the ferry on the way from Kangaroo Island



  1. Sanand 23 February, 2014 at 13:15 Reply

    Great post and wonderful snapshots. As a die-hard cricket fan, I was totally engrossed in the description of your visit to Oval. Hope you get the ticket to watch the match live and if you do, looking forward to more live updates and pics straight from the pitch!

    Amazing to hear about your experience of walking inside the scorecard! And the last highlight took my breath away! A glimpse of Sir Donald Bradman’s house! Now that just completes the journey that is well begun, doesn’t it?

    Sounds like Adelaide is just THE place for cricket fans!

  2. Poorna 24 February, 2014 at 16:40 Reply

    Great pictures and lovely snippets. I loved the picture of the empty shore of Kangaroo island. And of course, the beer tasting session as well :-).

    BTW, Did you get time to visit Bradman Museum?

  3. Chaitali 28 February, 2014 at 18:13 Reply

    Wow… I always wondered who those lucky people are, who win contests! What a fantastic coincidence that you have gone back to where you got the travel bug from. Have a good trip. Waiting to read about it.

  4. Neha 10 March, 2015 at 18:01 Reply

    Great photos mam did you seen any matches of World Cup in Australia, and keep going and enjoy the whole world trip, i also want to experience the same journey its my dream.

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