Bangalore – Madurai sector – Desperate in need of a Jigar Thanda

Sometimes its easier to book a ticket to an international destination that book a ticket within India. I have been planning Madurai for ages from Bangalore and it seems to be next to impossible to get a ticket to this ancient Tamil city. There is just one train that runs on this sector everyday and a few others are scattered through the week but they are booked this entire month.

I tried for some cheap flight tickets and was surprised when I realized that there are no direct flights. All flights are routed through Chennai. I checked Air India, as I thought the national carrier should have better connectivity but the flights had a stop over at Chennai too. I have been online the entire week, looking at fares and some of them are as high as Rs15,000/- read that right. Besides Jet and Spice Jet that offered cheap fares, the rest of them were expensive. And most airlines like Go Indigo does not fly to Madurai unfortunately , for I have now started flying them everywhere thanks to their penchant for being punctual.

I vaguely remember an airline that used to fly directly to Bangalore. I guess with Kingfisher folding its wings, loads of airlines have now dropped sectors on their routes. Madurai is not even a remote destination for that matter. I can understand if I was flying to Timbaktu. I have no choice but to go back to the Indian railways and check for tatkal . If all goes well, I leave tomorrow and will be cooling off with some Jil Jil Jigar Thanda


  1. MouliG 7 December, 2012 at 15:30 Reply

    I have heard really good stuff about this road as well. You should also check if there are any good Volvos down to Madurai. If I remember KPN has one over-niter.

  2. B Pradeep Nair 9 December, 2012 at 13:36 Reply

    This is a good point.

    Good connectivity is not a high priority in India’s governance policy. Development follows good connectivity. We wait for a place to be developed before it’s granted good connectivity! It’s shocking.

    The less said about tourist locations like Madurai the better. If you look at the connectivity and other infrastructure facilities at other tourist areas, you would wonder how do we claim “Incredible India” and how tourists still flock to our country!

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