Birding in Goa – Meet the state bird of Goa

As an amateur birder, I enjoy sighting variety of birds and listening to their calls . I do learn to id them, but sometimes just watching  their behaviour is enough to make me lose sense of time . I am no bird photographer nor am I am expert, but my travels have taken me to several birding destinations like this trip to South Goa, which is where I saw this beautiful bird.

Meet the state bird of Goa – the ruby throated bulbul – just loved this bird !See it again if you like..I took this picture in Bhagavan Mahaveer Wildlife Sanctuary

Check out the red throat here.

Ive just signed up for Project 365 and one needs to post a picture a day – however I will alternate between posts and pictures..


  1. Sylvia K 3 February, 2011 at 01:50 Reply

    What a beautiful, colorful bird! And he’s gorgeous against those wonderful blue skies! Terrific captures, Lakshmi! Hope your week is going well! Enjoy!


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