It was an orchestra by nature. The crickets and the cicadas would start and reach a cresendo , when the drizzle turned into a downpour . The birds would then become silent and when the rains slowly became a drizzle, they would start chirping and singing, only to be overpowered by the chorus of the crickets and the cicadas again. The frogs would join in , as the pitter patter continued and listening to this orchestra, I lost a sense of time.I did manage to take a few more pictures of the birds, but there were many that missed the lens

A leaf bird was enjoying the powder puff 

A teal was busy calling while a bronze winged jacana was looking for his chicks

In a lake close by called Bishtama Kere, I found a father bronze winged jacana with his little chicks. The chicks walked away without heeding the parent’s advice and for more than 20 minutes, the father was calling out to his chicks. We couldnt see the chicks for a while, so I wasnt sure if the jacana could either. After a while, the chicks landed and we were privy to the conversation between them as they nodded and bobbed their heads in a very rhythmic fashion while probably arguing between them. Later one of the chicks got under his father’s belly and shoved his beak up there, asking him to pick it up. 

A family of night herons were probably breeding here as well..

A common kingfisher looks on 

An ashy prinia sits still 


  1. Rachelle Morison 23 August, 2010 at 09:40 Reply

    A very great flying creations. I’m just get wondered howdy understand what the birds are sayin? hehe just kidding. I think your an animal lover person, because you can interpret them to us clearly. 🙂

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