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Book and Go with BOGO Cards – your flight of fantasy

Travel, flight taking off

Travel ahoy !

Close your eyes for a moment and tell me what do you see ! Is it the road ahead with the bright blue sky  or is it a beach  with the melody of the waves ringing in your ears ? Perhaps you see a formidable mountain with snow tossed around it ? Now ask yourself where would you like to be . A big bustling city ? A verdant jungle ? A heritage town ? If you have made your pick , now open your eyes and look for the Aladdin’s lamp and give it a rub . In a moment, you will see yourself in a dream world ! Sounds too good to be true ?

Believe me when I say this but truth is sometimes stranger than fantasy.  And in this case, it is not the genie who is going to take you to your fairyland or a magic carpet. Your flight of fantasy is brought to you by a little colourful card called the Bogo Cards. The magic words are Book and Go .

BOGO Cards

Book and Go to Goa now

Launched by Trip Factory, this little card is your answer if you are wondering where to go for the next long weekend.  For terrible planners like me who decide at the last minute, the card is an absolute boon. All you need to do is decide on where you want to go. And your holiday can begin with as low as Rs 5000/- Let me tell you how !

First you decide where you want to go for the weekend. From Bangalore, I would ideally like to go to Goa or Jaipur. Perhaps even a short haul to Bangkok. All I need to do is to buy a BOGO card . The deal to Goa for a 3 Nights/4 Days with return ticket is just Rs 4999/-  Perhaps you do not believe me ! Then pick Jaipur for a weekend and you will travel for just Rs 8999/- And if you think you are still dreaming, then listen to this . Choose Dubai, Singapore or Bangkok for a 3N/4 D and it comes to you at just Rs 19,999/- . It includes return tickets, accommodation and breakfast. You can also upgrade your hotel to a three or a four star for just a few thousand rupees.

Why am I excited by this deal ? Because I am a terrible planner and by the time I decide on where to go and convince the husband to come along, the prices are already soaring . I eventually have to make compromises. But this is absolutely convenient and it protects you from rising prices if you book a little bit ahead as well. The spread is also enticing that I can make a pick without much angst.

Most travellers today look for deals and packages every time they travel.  And it is not just for those who are holidaying. A weekend pilgrimage, a quick visit to meet family and friends or just flying home for the long weekend, it is a magic card indeed for students and professionals. Holiday deals are available from 13 Indian cities as of now and the cards package a trip to more than 12 destinations, including cities abroad.

So go ahead and do not look anymore for the genie in the bottle if you are planning your next weekend getaway. All you need to do is to Book and Go with BOGO Cards. The magic carpet is waiting for you to transport you to your land of dreams.

This post is written in partnership with Trip Factory

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