Breaking the jinx – Thattekadu-Part 1

I promised myself that I will write long lengthy travelogues this year on my blog, especially when I am just done with my, here I am with the first leg of the Thattekadu journey. A short , concise article on the trip was published in The Hindu , Metro Plus today. Anyways, here is a little preamble before I actually get on to the travel bit

It all started with Murphy of the good ole laws fame. He had entrenched himself rather firmly into my life and knowing my penchant for travel planning or the lack of it, he decided to wield his powerful weapon – the laws. So when the last minuter in me turned into a methodical planner, Murphy could not deal with it. He came in disguised in many forms, including ill health and at the end of it all, five trips planned in December were all cancelled and loads of money filled up the railways coffers. Ironically Thattekadu was planned twice out of those five Murphied trips.

 And now for the drama – I was lying in bed all of Christmas with a painful neck that was diagnosed as the early stages of spondylitis ,with a ticket in hand for Goa . I refused to give in and fought till the last hour only to realize that Murphy had won yet again – But the drama queen in me surfaced. A mini tantrum and rant ensued and hubby and friend booked the last two tatkal tickets to Cochin on the 30th without an idea of what next. Frantic calls to Girish , an advocate bird guide, a gentle persuasion by fellow traveller Vamsee who was staying in his homestay  ensured that I had a roof over my head for a night. And then , came the news of the transport strike in Kerala and I almost gave up my plans as there were no cabs to pick us up at Cochin at 4 am and take us to Thattekadu. Just when I thought that the railways will make some more money through yet another cancellation, Girish arranged for a pick up and finally the jinx was broken. I still had other issues to resolve like the stay on the second night and my return ticket, but at least, I had jumped out of my bed with a bag in tow and got  into a train to Kerala .


  1. Anu 8 January, 2011 at 13:52 Reply

    Aah.. so thats the whole story…. take care of your neck.. spondylytis can get really problematic! but it was great that u could go on the new year trip after all..

  2. Sanand 9 January, 2011 at 13:32 Reply

    Good to hear that the jinx is broken but take care. Too many of us ignore health issues till they escalate…traveling is best enjoyed when you are in good health, too, isn’t it?

    Hope your stay in kochi was a memorable one.

  3. Baron's Life 10 January, 2011 at 14:12 Reply

    take care of yourself…wishing you a speedy recovery, but, you sir, can tell a good story…you should consider writing a travelling romance story…maybe between 2 backpackers and a chance meeting.
    Cheers..-..keep well

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