Hoysala Dynasty

HassanHoysala DynastyHoysala TemplesKarnataka

Meet Mallitamma and his signature sculptures in Hoysala temples

The annals of Indian history are not just littered with dates of battles fought and won but by the lists ...
100 Stories of IndiaHoysala DynastyHoysala TemplesKarnatakatemplestumkur

Kaidala, home of a master craftsman

My tryst with the Hoysala Dynasty started innocuously when I went on a weekend getaway to Hassan over a decade ...
100 Stories of IndiaBelurHassanHoysala DynastyHoysala TemplesKarnataka

Twin Hoysala Temples of Marale and Mosale

Some of India’s best-kept secrets are not found on a map. Tucked away inside golden fields with lotus ponds surrounding ...
BelurDwarasamudraHalebeeduHistoryHoysala DynastyKarnatakaTalakadu

Ancient capital towns of dynasties in Karnataka – Part one

Mysore, Coorg, Hampi, Badami, Bijapur, Belur , Halebeed – what do they have in common ? They are not just ...
Hoysala DynastyMonday moments

Where would you like to be this Monday ?

From one Monday to another, I have been travelling and lost in the world of birds ..But given a chance ...
DwarasamudraHalebeeduHistoryHoysala DynastyHulekereIndiakalyaniKarnataka

On the road again

I am travelling again and this time I am exploring a new destination in India. They say this district has ...

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