Skywatch Friday – Boulders in Tiger’s Cave

I love Tiger’s Cave near Mahabalipuram. Also referred to as Saluvankuppam, ¬†it is barely five kilometres before the main site ...
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India through my eyes – A fishy story

A poster in Mahabalipuram ..they know how to bring on the fishy tales

Journeys in the mind

Ive been travelling a lot..both in the real world and in the mind..The physical journeys have not really been that ...
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Mahabalipuram- Monolithic Temples – The Five Rathas

In school. I had studied about the monolothic temples and often as kids, we had played hide and seek in ...
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Mahabalipuram – Tiger Cave

There is neither a tiger nor a dark dingy cave , but located in Saluvankuppam, five kms from Mahabalipuram , ...
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Mahabalipuram- sea , sand ,sculptures and the shore temple

The warmth of Madras is always special .More so, in December when the city is bathed in sunlight after a ...