Destination : Germany, Christmas markets

In a few hours I will be on the Emirates flight to Germany. I am excited because this is probably the closest I have come to celebrating Christmas in Europe. I am also freaking out as I cannot handle too much cold and I hear the temperature is sub zero or in single digits. (Minus Eight apparently). But it is Germany, a country I fell in love with long long ago.

The first time I visited Germany was in 1998 and I was in Frankfurt on transit to South America. I was travelling with my grandfather and his cronies on a study tour and we were part of a coffee delegation. In fact I still have some Marks with me, the currency that was used then before Euro.

Rhine cruise, Germany castles,

Castle on the Rhine

A decade later, the husband and I went on a personal trip to Europe and Germany was my first port of halt. I was celebrating because I had just then quit my corporate job. Bavaria was my introduction to Germany and I loved it. We visited Munich, (Read my post Octoberfest in Odeonplatz) Heidelberg, (Read my post on the Rhine cruise, headed to Black Forest (Read my post – In the Land of Grimm Brothers )and I loved every moment of it. Last year, I did a short trip to Europe and I was in Cologne on the way to Vienna.

This year i was meant to visit Saxony . In fact the trip was planned a year ahead but unfortunately I had to miss it for personal reasons. Another invite to Germany came from the tourism board and I had to decline it as well. It seemed like it was Murphy coming in between me and Germany. But surprisingly I got an invite again from the tourism board as well as from Emirates and this time despite the freezing cold, I did not blink an eye lid before saying yes. Although I have been to Munch, it will be first visit to Nuremburg and to Dresden and am looking forward to it. I am signing off for now and will see you in a week with loads of Christmas gifts.. Until then, I hope I dont get frost bites..


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