Fengshui on the highway – it happens only in Kerala

India never ceases to amaze you especially if you are on a road trip. There are surprises in almost every curve of the road. During my recent trip to Kerala, I was prepared for churches, mosques, temples, synagogues ..but this completely took me by surprise.

A Laughing Buddha  was standing tall on the highway, in the middle of nowhere with a beautiful garden surrounding the statue. When we slowed down a bit, I found a board that announced that this was a nursery and a fengshui consultancy rolled into one. Now this is something that probably happens only in India
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  1. Fida 20 November, 2010 at 01:24 Reply

    I so love those kinds of things. Some make sense, others absolutely not.

    Canada is king in creating huge roadside attractions that try to catch the traveller’s attention. If they have nothing else to show for, they sure find a way to grab your attention and if only long enough for a coffee stop or to sell some kind of things one absolutely doesn’t need 🙂

    Here are two examples: Star Trek Memorabilia in Vulcan (Alberta) – yes you heard right – and the Worlds largest Dinosaur in Drumheller.

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