Getting to the top of Europe at 11,333 feet – Jungfrau

Enroute to Jungfrau -Interlaken ,Lauterbrunnen and views from train

Switzerland Interlaken JungFrau

They say the best is always served at the last ..Well, and Jungfrau was our last destination before we left Europe. I will however reserve Jungfrau pics as my last post in this series ..but before that, it will not be fair if I dont talk about the journey and the views ..though pale in comparison to the snow clad peaks and glaciers, the journey is an experience in itself

Jungfrau in German means maiden or virgin and this peak is at 12,000 feet , right on top of Europe. The most spectacular aspect is that the Jungfraubahn cog railway which literally takes you right through the mountain to the doorstep of the peaks and glaciers . The railway station is at the heighest point in Europe .

Zurich was our base as we did not want to spend the last couple of days in Switzerland lugging our luggage..So, on the last day, we left early enough and took a train to Interlaken . It was beautiful out there , but we were not patient enough to take in the sights. So we took a ticket via Lauterbrunnen to the Jungfrau . The other option is to go to Griendelwald which is a glacier and resort town which is flocked by tourists .

Our fairy tale train took us through Lauterbrunnen where we shot these pictures with lots of glares and reflections and reached Kleine Scheidegg . This is the point from where the Jungfraubahn railway starts its steep climb into the mountains meandering through a long 7 km tunnel .There are two stops. One at the Eiger and the other at Eismeer which means sea of ice .The entire journey is a little less than an hour and the return about half an hour . The Aletsch glacier beckons you and you can freeze in an Ice Palace amongst other attractions or just refresh yourself in the restaurants ..Can you believe it, there is one called Bollywood out there ? It was closed though and I wouldnt be surprised if Yash Chopra has anything to do with it !

At Jungfrau station

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  1. backpakker 8 November, 2007 at 12:56 Reply

    Prabha – Zara sa jhoomloom mein ..’

    Pijush – we were very lucky ..the Jungfrau pics was sunny though freezing . will go through your post in a while

    Priyank-patience … I have 25-30 pics to post and believe me you wont be very disappointed

    Lorenzo-thank you ..nature sometimes is so beautiful that there is nothing that we need to do except press a button

  2. Georgia 30 May, 2011 at 08:26 Reply

    HI, my name is Georgia. I am from Malaysia. I plant to visit the top of Europe via Strasbourg this coming Oct 2011. Can you share with me more details especially on the trains… what trains to take to reach the top?
    Best regards

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