And no one can take my freedom sing the river terns over the Bhadra backwaters in Lakkavalli where they come to breed every year

Here are a pair of cormorants singing the same song as they return home. To see more fascinating skies across the world, click here


  1. Tamanna Mishra 18 June, 2010 at 11:55 Reply

    River Tern River Tern.. You stayed at the JLR there? What an amazing way to spend a weekend it is, isn’t it? I loved the place. But my pictures will probably never look as good as yours. When did you go there?

  2. asha 18 June, 2010 at 14:57 Reply

    Certain things are inferred and enjoyed only in a good click. Look at the second photo, the wings are in perfect symmetry. What a beautiful creation by god -perfectly scaled.

  3. Anu 18 June, 2010 at 15:46 Reply

    Beautiful! I have been telling Shankar for ages that we should go to Bhadra… but he doesnt believe that there will be terns there!! should show him your pics….and hopefully take me soon 🙂

  4. shivani 18 June, 2010 at 23:59 Reply

    oh and just one thing i got reminded of.My son’s school project on migratory birds.And while helping him on this i learnt that the Arctic Tern flies the longest winding trip around the Antarctica and back.
    Just saw the shots of the strong medium sized Tern and felt like sharing this with you.
    Can’t tell though if ur shot is of an Arctic Tern but nevertheless.:)

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