Malaysia – A slice of paradise awaits you

Imagine this for a moment.  The salts of the sea tickle your nostrils as your eyes take in the vast expanse of blue. The waves gently flow and ebb, caressing the shore. As you close your eyes, warm hands work their magic on your skin as your body relaxes and your mind lets all of its cares go. You are in Malaysia, in one of the luxury spas on a little island by the seashore having the holiday of your life. Now, this is what they call bliss.

Malaysian spas use a range of natural products. Pic: Four Seasons.

A slice of paradise greets you the moment you step into any spa in Malaysia. Almost every resort in this country offers you wellness at their fingertips. You can choose from a medley of treatments – Ayurvedic, Balinese, Thai , Chinese and the quintessential Malay . If you prefer western forms of treatment, then you can choose between Swedish and Hawaiian styles. The aromas will lighten the mood as you step into a world of luxury and beauty. Bathe yourself in spicy and fragrant oils or try hot stones therapy to heal yourself as the fingers stroke your muscles in a rhythm of their own. Pamper yourself with a massage or try out any of the organic treatments or smear yourself with beauty products, Malaysia will bring you back as a fresh and new you.
The spas are all located in exotic destinations. You can choose to lose yourself  in lush tropical rainforests or gaze for eternity at blue green oceans or chill in the cool environs of mountains. From exotic Langkawi to forested Penang to Pangor Laut, every destination in Malaysia will treat you to a world of wellness. Enjoy the pampering, cool yourself in a swimming pool and hydrate yourself with a tropical drink. Now that’s a perfect way to enjoy a holiday on a tropical island!

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