It is the sea that greets you everywhere in the luxurious Novotel Visakhapatnam Varun Beach Hotel. Look out from your room, your breakfast table, your gym, your infinity pool and the ocean is right in front of you. Located  in the heart of the Visakhapatnam, Novotel Vizag stands as a magnificent edifice and is one of the popular hotels in Vizag near RK beach. I was literally lost in the ocean, singing an ode to sunrises and sunsets, while sipping filter coffee and biting into soft pesarrattu ( dosa made with green gram or yellow lentils) with spicy gongura chutney. I was a guest of Novotel Vizag early this year and personally it is one of my favourite 5 star hotels in Visakhapatnam. My days were filled with instagrammable moments. So, I decided to write a post around these beautiful views and experiences showered upon me.

Moment 1 – Touched by a very sweet and personal greeting

It is extremely touching when you walk into your room after a long journey and find a personalised greeting. This is absolutely special. The photographs are actually chocolates and I was told that the F&B team spent almost half a day to choose the photos and make these delicious chocolates. Thank you so much !

Moment 2 – The sun, the sea, the froth and filter coffee

I am not a morning person but I just cannot resist strong frothy filter coffee . So watching the dawn break from the rooftop terrace of Novotel Vizag, I was actually feeling so refreshed with the breeze blowing right in my face. The sun was not very punctual as the clouds had gathered but it was worth the wait. There is a jogging track on the terrace and I actually finished my morning walk . I will also recommend the Infinity Bar and Restaurant on the rooftop terrace but more on that later.

Moment No 3 – Breakfast on the boat

I was not at sea but here I was floating right on land. This was my favourite moment. After the hot and steaming cup of coffee, I was hungry. But instead of heading to The Square, where the breakfast buffet is served, I had a special treat at the Boat. It was beautiful watching the morning glow and binging into a colourful spread of beetroot puris and crispy vadais, hot dosais and pesarattus besides a fruit platter filled with berries served with some pancakes. Yea, I just went for another walk along the beach after the sumptuous royal breakfast.

Moment no 4 – A sea of blues at the Infinity Pool

These are the kind of Monday morning blues that I like. The infinity pool is everyone’s favourite haunt and it is the perfect place to chill and relax on a lovely sunny day.You almost feel like you are floating in the ocean as well.

Moment no 5 – Cocktails at Infinity

Although my favourite restaurant is the Indian Zaffran, I kept heading to Infinity to quench my thirst and to gaze at the oceans endlessly.I just loved the vibe here. I would sit outdoors and sip the cocktails and lose myself in the views of the ocean.

Moment no 6 – You dont always need a drone

It is great to have a room with a view, especially if if looks out into the sea  . But looking down from the rooftop, I also got a view of the empty streets of Vizag and it seems like time has virtually stopped here.

Moment No 7 – Walking along the beach

It almost feels like a private beach, especially when you have it for yourself.  One of the dreamy moments that I can never forget

Which of these are your favourite moments ? I was hosted by Novotel Vizag for a couple of nights and it was my first introduction to the coastal city in Andhra Pradesh. If you are looking for 5 star hotels in Visakhapatnam, then look no further than Novotel Vizag. The luxury hotel with 225 rooms is a landmark by itself and is one of the popular hotels near RK Beach. It is a stone’s throw from the main attractions, especially the museums. I would recommend the Submarine Museum and the TU 142 Aircraft Museum. Besides the RK Beach, there is also the Rusikonda Beach and the Yarada Beach. There are several restaurants and bars including the Infinity and VUE Lounge Bar.  Among the restaurants, Zaffran is one of my favourites besides The Square. And needless to say, I ate like there is no tomorrow and I also brought some local masala and spicy powders from there . Thank you for a lovely trip and some great memories.

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