Single malt and more in Madras

A quick weekend to Madras aka Chennai and I was in for a surprise. Pat did I land there and I got a call from Vivanta by Taj РConnemara asking me if I was free to join them for lunch at the Chettinad restaurant Raintree for the 125th  anniversary of Glenfiddich in India. The Taj was creating the meal experience and the whole conversation over lunch veered around pairing Indian food with whisky.

Although I was the only vegetarian around, the food was spicy and went with the whole flavour. Distiller Ian Millar, the global ambassador from Glenfiddich was here with us, getting a taste of spicy Indian food and he was probably the only European I had met in recent times who seemed to be in love with it. We sampled a 12 year old and a 15 year old single malt as Millar cradled the glass in his hand, warming it, asking us to drop a few drops of water in it as we savoured it . And it was bliss indeed !


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