Skywatch – The journey so far in 2011

I have been travelling a bit around India in the last three months – Forests,lakes, hill stations, birds,flowers, temples, , monuments, forts and people ..the list goes on. I have not had the time to blog much , but here are some skies from some of the places I have visited

It started with a birding holiday in Thattekadu and then to the tea plantations of Munnar

Next came Goa with its birds and snakes – a truly wild experience . Here is a purple heron that we spotted when we went birding in Zuari

More birding again near Sira in Karnataka where we saw some painted storks in a small village called Kaggaladu.

Then came Sira’s fort and Dargah and Sibi’s Narasimha temple .

Back to Tamil Nadu in March with birding in Pulicat lake and the ancient Dutch cemetery in the town

A visit to Nilgiris and her hill stations  followed . A visit to the Lawrence School., Lovedale, the alma mater of my dad was on the cards

And thereafter I went to Thirumalai to see some ancient jaina shrines and cave paintings

Madras or Chennai has been my regular port of halt in the last few months. The Marina has been my focus for a while and while I am at home in Bangalore, I have been treated to some gorgeous sunsets as well.

Where would you like to be ? To see more gorgeous skies around the world,  visit  Skywatch 


  1. Ugich Konitari 15 April, 2011 at 14:43 Reply

    The old lady of Thattekadu,
    ramrod straight,
    no skin,
    but just bones,
    stands tall
    in the forests
    of her life.

    Habits die hard;
    Dry, leafless
    still reaching out,
    she holds out
    arthritic limbs,
    those little
    skin cuts and breaks,
    trying to
    those who
    called themselves
    in their younger days…..

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