I was looking for inspiration to pen an article on my recent wildlife trips , when I decided to convert my friend my muse. She said a very simple thing – ” You owe it to your subjects to write about them..now focus and write. ” My immediate response was ” Im writing about the denizens of the forest and Im not sure they appreciate mankind coming there to do a peekaboo and stare at them. ” Write for the forests at least, ” she answered and my thoughts took a different turn.

Instead of writing in my word document that reads 47 words now , I started posting my thoughts here.Do we as tourists, travellers, wildlifers, photographers really care for the forests and its denizens- be it man or animal ? I am part of a wildlife group and every day , my mail box is inundated by mails from the so called experts who preach about their take on wildlife.If lack of awareness is one of the key issues, this holier than thou attitude of the wildlife enthusiasts sometimes gets on my nerves too.

A friend recently remarked on how some photographers unethically disturb nests of birds to take a good photograph. Many times, we get special entries into forests to take pictures. Ive been guilty of it too when I went to Daroji to see sloth bears at close quarters. The animals no wonder ignored us.While writing this post,my intention is not to curtail tourism or photography,because this is the only way we get close to nature. Im just trying to say that we should rather be a bit sensitive to the forests too and understand that animals are tired of being chased. We can sight them in silence, take photographs without flash ,not wear bright clothes and leave as quickly as possible , giving them their space and privacy.For we have encroached into their territory .As my friend said,”The forests need us to survive. Its symbiotic.”True, we need the forests to survive as well.


  1. Fida 29 June, 2010 at 23:23 Reply

    I just visited a park with a very fragile environment. Visitors walk on designated trails and are warned not to leave the trails – understandably.

    I was offered a special permission to walk where ever I wished, with a guide of course. Money seems to buy special privileges everywhere.

    I wondered,if they let me do that – I have no credentials as a journalist nor anything of use to anybody – do they allow everybody for a fee to do that and then it doesn’t matter that we destroy such valuable habitat?

    The weather didn’t cooperate but I wondered if I would have made myself guilty by taking the opportunity.

  2. KParthasarathi 30 June, 2010 at 06:11 Reply

    Unexceptionable.The points are well taken.As Fida put it visitors should be allowed to walk on designated trails and warned not to leave the trails – There shd be clear Do’s and Donts. The wild life and forests hv as much right to live as we have if only not to upset the ecological balance.
    A fine post

  3. Anu 30 June, 2010 at 10:00 Reply

    these thoughts come up most times these days when i travel, esp with a group…..this is what has kept me away from places like corbett, just ’cause i feel that maybe i will be adding to the problems…. but then the thought of simply sitting at home comes up, and i am all set to pack my bags and leave!!!

  4. Jeevan 30 June, 2010 at 15:04 Reply

    I acknowledge your musing and I too felt guilty entering any forest in enthusiastic of seeing animals, but we should act responsibly and do keep in mind that our existence does not disturb the nature. I admit there are many people, I have seen directing hurting the environment of forest that life threaten to animals and shrubs. I think before permitting people inside forest, they should clear about there knowledge and motivation on visiting and well aware about environment.

    Visiting forest is like entering someone’s home without permission and its our response to leave no evident on visiting or anything that put hesitate animals and our intend is to enjoy the pristine nature and not disturbing it like we have done in past destroying it for dwelling residents and space.

  5. indicaspecies 3 July, 2010 at 02:20 Reply


    Thank you for this lovely post. My comments:

    Tourism certainly does create an awareness of the environment. (So does your blog post!). However, the tourists should be responsible tourists who, inter alia, respect nature and the local people.

    Secondly, I am not quite sure if the forest needs us to survive, but we certainly need the forest for our survival. Denuding and degradation of our natural resources is continuing at an alarming rate, and it is a subject of serious thought!

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