If you ever want to immerse yourself in a country, then it has to be its sights and sounds. While most of us set out to experience a country by visiting its landmarks and soaking in the sights, have we ever paid attention to the little sounds that surround us ?From the accents of a local to the whizz of a local metro train to the chimes of a church bell, every sound is unique.

Changing of guard, Buckingham Palace

Ceremony of changing of the guard at Buckingham palace in London

And Visit Britain has beautifully captured the sounds of the country so well in this video – from the chimes of the Big Ben to the roaring applause at Wimbledon. If you have been to Great Britain, then every sound here will resonate with you. To me, it has to be the ceremony around the Changing of Guard, a spectacle in London that stays with me.

Buckingham Palace, London, Changing of the guard

Ceremony of the changing of the guard in Buckingham Palace at London

Changing of guard, London

Changing of guard in Buckingham Palace


What is the sound that stays with you ? Do see the video and tell me what is the sound that you think is synonymous with Great Britain


  1. Lauren 20 March, 2014 at 15:56 Reply

    This is interesting. I am from London and currently on a business trip in Delhi and Hyderabad (first time in India). The main sound so far in Delhi is the horn of cars – at first it was very annoying but it’s strange how soon you become used to it and it almost becomes soothing – highlighting the buzz of this crazy city where there are interesting things going on every where you look.

    I think I take the sounds in London for granted but I will be sure to listen out for them when I return home.


    • Lakshmi Sharath 20 March, 2014 at 17:04 Reply

      Hi Lauren

      Thanks for dropping in..I can so relate to the noise of horns..even though I live here, I cant take the sounds and I stopped driving here as well. However enjoy your stay in India

  2. Jasveer Singh 17 September, 2014 at 03:18 Reply

    It’s always great to read your blogs though leaving my comments first time, I am a great admirer of writing and art of capturing the moment so nicely that one can seamlessly travel with your blog. I am living in London from last one year, but didn’t see it the way you have delineated it. But this blog has given me the inspiration to take some time off from work, and step out to see the world how it looks like.

    Your blog has given me the inspiration to share my experiences so I have started from India. Pls hit me back if you are free on the given website.

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