South East Asia to Thailand and Cambodia

Cambodia, travel to Cambodia, South East Asia

Angkor Thom, Cambodia

Cambodia, travel to Cambodia, South East Asia, Angkor Thom

Entry to Angkor Thom, Cambodia

Two decades ago, when I first set off on my maiden international trip, it was a 28 day trip to Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia. I was with my grandfather on a coffee delegation trip. That was in 1993 and my college reluctantly gave me a month off to go abroad. Little did I know that travelling would sometime become my profession.  We travelled extensively across six countries, but I had very little time in Thailand. In fact I just did the proverbial one night in Bangkok. Years later, I get to see the country again, courtesy Thailand Tourism Board. An international bloggers meet has been arranged in Thailand and Cambodia and I am one of the three selected from India. I have been to Cambodia recently but I do look forward to going there all over again.


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