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Surprises galore at Dubai Airport by marhaba

A confession – I have never liked airports. They are cold, grey, intimidating, impersonal, full of labyrinthine networks and nooks. The moment I enter an airport, I walk like a zombie, hurry through check in and security to board my flight. And when I land, I cannot wait to complete immigration and get out of the airport to get in some fresh air. But just imagine, for a moment if the airport suddenly turns into a place where people dance and sing or throw a party for you when you land or shower you with red roses or surround you with gifts. Sounds like a Bollywood movie right ! Well, as they say truth is stranger than fiction.

So, let me tell you a story . These tales are of everyday passengers – with their simple love stories and deep emotional bonds. A woman comes to greet her fiancé at her airport with an extravagant choreographed dance along with a saxophonist to boot – with a little bit of surprise and romance thrown in, she creates a special experience for her loved one.

See for yourself – watch the video here

This young couple from Egypt where the fiancee, Noreen surprises her fiance Mark with a warm welcome with music and dance. There is jazz in the air, as his favorite saxophonist greets him and a flash mob gathers around them. It may seem a little sentimental or a bit dramatic but as the couple awkwardly embrace and get emotional, you realize it is real and not a scene from a movie.

Why am I telling you this story ? Of course, I am a diehard romantic and I get carried away with little gifts and gestures but that is not the reason.  These stories are of real people as marhaba, who specializes in airport services, decided to reward passengers who wanted to surprise their loved ones and a compelling tale to go with it . They ran a contest and they brought smiles to the faces of these men and women, who were winners by becoming their genie and fulfilling their desires.

Dubai airport

The airport in Dubai – Pic Courtesy – Roevin/Urban Capture – Flickr, Creative Commons

Although Noreen was a competition winner who got special treatment from marhaba – There are so many stories out there and marhaba fulfils the small desires of the customers by bringing a smile on their faces. So what do you want the next time you land in Dubai ? A feast, a music band, a limo to pick you up ? I wish I could ask marhaba to arrange for a date with George Clooney.

This post is written in partnership with marhaba


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