The journey so far – a quick update

I promised myself in the beginning of the year that I would blog more regularly and also do some trip reports as well , but unfortunately I have had little time to do the same. The blog has unfortunately taken a beating with facebook growing a little more prominent and the rest of my time is taken between travelling, articles and my media – content work. So, I told myself that i would at least post  a quick update on what has been happenning in the last couple of months

A lot of travelling happenned in January – I was in Thattekadu and Munnar on New Years’ Eve and had a great birding experience. A couple of my stories were published in my column , Inside Story in Metro Plus  and I am writing one on Thattekadu as I write this post. The birding experience in Gods own country was followed by a wonderful wild experience in South Goa and I had my column published in The Hindu , Metro Plus and articles in Rediff and now the March issue of Terrascape, which has my picture on the cover as well 
February saw a couple of day trips – one off Bangalore towards Sibi – a temple dedicated to Narasimha , Sira , a town which was once a province of the Mughals, a village called Kaggaladu where painted storks nest in hordes and are protected by the villagers. Articles again have been published in my column in The Hindu, Metro Plus and in Spectrum , Deccan herald. Unfortunately editors do not like blog posts appearing earlier than the stories, so I am forced to keep my readers waiting. 
My last trip was to Madras last week and i had another wonderful day trip to Pulicat lake to do some birding and experience a bit of colonial era , as it was an erstwhile Dutch colony. Sadly the fort built by the dutch is no more and in its place are a dense undergrowth of thorny shrubs and marshes. The surprise element  however was the spotting of flamingoes which we were told had not yet arrived, but we were overwhelmed to see the sky painted in orange and black. 
I am not sure where March will take me, but there might be a few day trips or short holidays coming up. ..In the meanwhile, you can follow my travel page on Facebook or follow me on twitter. 


  1. Anu 2 March, 2011 at 21:28 Reply

    The year has indeed begun on a good wise! Hope the rest of the year is as packed with travel too…. and i dont really mind waiting to read about all those experiences!

  2. Jeevan 3 March, 2011 at 17:43 Reply

    Nice seeing an update from u after quite Monday posts. Good to hear u was at Pulicat, and even we couldn’t see much expected birds while there at last august and the boat men’s there say no favor about migratory birds, and we also had the surprising flight by a Flamingo while on boat.

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