Where would you like to be this Monday ?

The Monday series is back after a short break about being in a place where you can get refreshed by the monsoons that have just set in ..The skies over the Shettihalli church looked like it will open up any moment and it drizzled for a while as well


  1. Prashanth 31 May, 2011 at 16:01 Reply

    Its a mixed feeling every time I see your ‘Where would you like to be this Monday?’ posts…

    Feel sorry for myself sitting in a cubicle on a Monday and at the same feel happy looking at those beautiful photos…

  2. Rolling 31 May, 2011 at 21:35 Reply

    absolutely amazingfantabulastico header Lakshmi 🙂 Sopleased to be back reading and posting again on WP. Hope can resume reading blogging regularly now that am back, do drop in at mine when you can, check out the Wonderful Human Mind post I think you might like that one, all the best in the meanwhile stay well and keep clicking 🙂
    nabinatrisha dot wordpress dot com

  3. Lakshmi 1 June, 2011 at 10:32 Reply

    SS – yes its all that you said..great place to be when it rains but theres no shelter

    Sandeep – thanks 🙂

    Prashanth – thats exactly the reason why I started this post 😛

    Parthasarthy – pls refer to my earlier story on Shettihalli on my blog – its near Hassan , about 3 -4 hours from Bangalore

    Rolling – welcome back and thanks for a lovely comment

    Photo Cache – No, its not on top of a hill..its actually submerged in the backwaters

    Ram – we will inform you next time

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