Where would you like to be this Monday ?

We went on a three hour boat safari on the Zuari to look for some birds and found more than 30 species of birds . It is a great place to spot the five varieties of kingfishers and we were lucky to see at least three of them closely. 


  1. Ugich Konitari 7 February, 2011 at 09:06 Reply

    Water, riverbeds,flows, birds on poles, kingfishers cavorting, posing against brilliant green backdrops at dawn. Another Kingfisher Calendar ? Vijay Mallya , learn from this 🙂

  2. sitizunurain 8 February, 2011 at 20:02 Reply

    i really like the way you put your words together in wrting.

    from your article Kabini and Bhadra, India: Life Unfolds by the Riverside,there’s a sentence which i a little bit of explanation,if you wouldn’t is the have stated ‘collage of greens, yellows and browns.’what exactly you mean by the colours?is it referring to the animals there or literally the colours of the jungle?thank you so much..

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