And therein ends a trail..

So, my current trail comes to an end and I move on to my next destination and my next post.But before that, a last look at some of the images that still linger in my mind..Coffee and tea estates, flowers,forests, mountains, curvy roads, hairpin bends, boulders and an interesting snippet from the Mahabharat. A mountain peak of the Babu Budan Hills in Chikmagalur loomed large before us . “Its called Kunti “Kal” (stone) where Kunti, the mother of the Pandavas had rested during their exile..” came the explanation . “Could we go there ? “I asked and I got no I contended myself with this picture..


  1. backpakker 10 June, 2008 at 18:25 Reply

    Canary – welcome to backpakker ..Im sure you will get to travel as well

    Maria – welcome to backpakker.I dont carry it everytime i go , only sometimes

    Ropi – India is very beautiful..europe as well, especially whatever I have seen of it

    Ceedy – thanks..its because I travel to most places that are not in the tourist route

    Ajeya – Thanks for the info..nature sometimes is so intriguing

    Celine – Glad that you liked them and they brought back memories

    Indrani – thanks..sunsets make me feel good too

    Prashanth – thanks and let me know after your trip there

    Wendy – They are beautiful and inviting ..

    SS – Thanks..sometimes the journey is so beautiful that we dont pause by to appreciate them

    Sameera – You flatter me..I am not that talented πŸ™‚

    Jeevan – I like them too..its been ages since I went to Kodai

    Reeta – thanks..good to see you again


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