Travelling is often passing one milestone and moving on to the next. I am now back in Bangalore and lazing around in the summer heat.My thoughts however go back to the photowalk in Chennai last Sunday.

I walked up to the milestone(in the previous post) to take a picture of it from the other side. It was at the intersection of Egmore over bridge and Poonamallee High Road in Chennai. With all the muck lying around, it was written in Tamil –

Poondamallee – 22kms
Bengalore – 328 kms..

The Poonamallee High Road leading to the village is one of Chennai’s main arteries and it also connects to the highway – NH4 between the two cities. Well, I didnt take the road this time, but the late evening train. By road or rail, commuting time between the two cities is just under 6 hours (oops – had written years by dad called to correct it..and in the meanwhile quite a few comments as well..)


  1. sandeep 2 March, 2009 at 12:54 Reply

    wasnt it 6-years some time back 😉 thnx to GQ the road is awesome nowadays. i wanted to do another ride, now that its all complete …

    and yeah … welcome to bengaluru

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