Ok..its the birding season and everyone has flown to exotic destinations to look for exotic birds. Well, I am an exception..not that I dont want to do birding, but my compass currently points towards home. However, during my recent trip to Cochin, I didnt do much birding, but we did spot a lot of water birds and a few woodland birds. The malabar whistling thrush was singing away, while I spotted the black headed oriole , pied wagtail, black drongos . I went looking for horn bills near Athirampally Falls, but I guess they flew away to avoid the crowds. Here are some pictures of some of the more common birds – a cormorant here, which the locals refer to as ” neer kaka” or the ” water crows”, a pair of white breasted kingfishers, which had their breakfast while I had mine, a pond heron and a coucal which landed right in front of my room window.


  1. Anu 17 November, 2010 at 10:21 Reply

    nice pics! We saw a lot of kingfishers and pond herons too in tirupati, since it was pouring all the time we were there! unfortunately no pics!

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