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BMW 7- The future of luxury is here

Munich in Germany is one of my favourite cities . The first time I visited the Bavarian capital, I fell in love with it. And it was not just the beer. Standing in front of me were the beauties, shimmering in the light. I am inside the Salad Bowl of the BMW Museum, gazing in awe at some of the models and listening to the story of the automobile giant. Everything about the museum is futuristic, including the architecture of the museum. Standing there, lost in the world of engines and turbines, cars, bikes and aircrafts, I wondered what it would be like to drive around in one of these luxury models

Back home after many years, I read about the launch of BMW 7 series and I wondered if I could go on a road trip in one of these luxury limousines. May be a drive along the Konkan Coast and head to the beaches of Goa or stay in one of the palaces of Rajasthan, which is to me the ultimate luxury destination.


BMW 7- The future of luxury is here

The car virtually communicates with you. A tablet can help you adjust and operate some of the features of the air like air con or lighting. It is fitted with laser beams while the glass on the Sky Lounge can show you the stars on a clear sky. But if you find it too dark, then you can create your own sky with artifical lights- almost 15000 elements of them.


BMW at the Auto Expo

The exciting thing about this car is that it can understand your gestures. You can almost feel like James Bond signalling to it .Move your fingers in a circular motion in the air  and the volume control gets activated. I can only sigh and wish I get a chance to go on a road trip on this luxurious limousine. While I dream about it, I will let another sporting giant, Sachin Tendulkar tell you why the BMW 7 is the future of luxury

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