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birdingBirding DiariesBirdsGoaMonsoon Special

The Wild Goa – Goa beyond the beaches

Look a snake” yells my travel companion as I see a checkered keelback slithering away into a small stream right ...
100 Stories of IndiabirdingBirding DiariesBirdsGoaIndia - Wildlife

Bird watching in Goa on a river cruise

There is always a sense of intrigue when you begin a journey in the dark. There is a certain rawness, ...
birdingBirding DiariesBirdsIndia

Bird watching in India – Part one

Bird watching in India is one of my favourite hobbies and I have travelled to some known and unknown destinations ...
birdingBirding DiariesBirdsGaliboreKarnataka

My first bird watching experience at Galibore

  “Shussh”, whispers the naturalist, as I rummage through my backpack a little noisily to pick up my pair of ...
AustraliabirdingBirding DiariesBirdsBlogSkywatchSouth Australia

Birding Diaries – Meet the Australian Pelican from Kangaroo Island

I was at Kangaroo Island in South Australia, looking for endemic birds and our guide finally took us to a ...

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