Chittorgarh – the fort that symbolises Rajput spirit of pride , valour and sacrifice ; where history,mythology and spirituality merge . A tale of kings and queens , heroes and villains.The ruins resonate with the legend of Rani Padmini who immolated herself to avoid being coveted by Allidin Khilji in 14th century. If you are like me , who can romance ruins and relive the lives of royalty , for whom history is beyond a text book , then Chittorgarh is a place you must visit

We took a day off from our Udaipur trip to Chittor and as you can see we had some intersting company on the way. History has always been a fascination for me and I believe in the stories behind all the stones and bricks that lay strewn around . Maybe I like dwelling for a moment in the past .

We soaked in the sights and sounds a bit …A couple of palaces – Rani padmini and Rana Kumbha palace , several temples including the ones dedicated to the Goddesses Kali and Durga Mata temples dot the landscape. But the landmark(S) of Chittorgarh is the Vijay Stamb or the Victory Tower and the Kirti Stanb or the Tower of fame . The former built by Maharana Kumbha to celebrate his victory over Khilji in the 14th century .9 storeys and 157 steps with sculptures around,you can give yourself a thumbs up if you can climb up and see the beautiful place

I am really not in a mood to write and the danger is that if I go on…I will sound like an 8th standard Indian history text book . I leave you with some pictures of the historic past as I am travelling to another continent which has enough history , art and romance to rival India ..But I still think that India stands tall when it comes to beauty , romance , culture , exotica,history ,spirituality …and one life is just enough to see all of it !


  1. backpakker 31 August, 2007 at 01:21 Reply

    Tanya- rajasthan is an awesome place then..though I havent toured all of it as yet ..pls visit and let me know if you need any help
    Pijush-thanks ..its a long time ago though the date in the snap is even off to germany for a while and may be visting swiss and italy if all goes well..will get back to blogging after that

  2. GMG 14 September, 2007 at 21:54 Reply

    Hi Backpakker,
    Thanks for your comment on my blog.
    I survived the Greek fires. Actually I was in the Islands (Kos, Crete and Mykonos) where there were no fires; only the island of Evia was somehow affected. I’m glad to be back and catch up your posts!
    Udaipur is absolutely stunning, and I must find a way to get there some of these days…
    As I’m late, my posts at Blogtrotter are still in Bali 2005, where you may also find some monkeys. Hope you enjoy it, anyhow!
    Have a great weekend!

  3. backpakker 16 September, 2007 at 00:35 Reply

    Kalyan-thanks for your words.. and I just went on a nostalgic trip as it was a trip made long ago
    N – thanks for visiting my blog..I love to travel and thats what I look for in life
    Mohan-thanks for including my name…it feels good when another blogger appreciates
    David – history , geography and literature are my passions and I rry to combine them with some writing /…thanks for your words ..coming from you, I do appreciate it
    Anil- I honestly dont know …but I believe everyone has a destination to go to …but maybe for the camels, just being on the move is their mission until they find theirs ..isnt that what a caravan is ?
    GMG- Hi there . Good to know you had a great trip and you survived the fire..I was in Italy around the same period…will visit your post and see the monkeys 🙂

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