There is an old world charm in Bangkok, far away from the clutter and noise,especially if you take the ferry.  For many, Bangkok’s lifeline is the river Chao Phraya which connects across the city through small jetties. It is the way of life for locals here. Tourists love to take a cruise on the long tailed boats or the water taxis which are obviously more expensive than the ferries. We of course took the latter to cross from one side of the river to the other to see some of the temples located on the banks.

Bangkok, river, river cruise, Cruising on the river in Bangkok

Cruising in Bangkok

It was not a very bright and sunny day and it seemed like it would rain any moment, but the breeze was blowing on my face and it took the heat and humidity away.

Bangkok river river cruise, Cruising on the river in Bangkok, temples along the river in Bangkok

On the river in Bangkok

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Bangkok, river, river cruise, temples

The temples of Bangkok


  1. Alex 20 March, 2017 at 10:22 Reply

    It’s not that bad to be in Thailand during the raining season after all, you still managed to captured such beautiful shots! If you want to know more about the seasons in Thailand, you can check out this article of mine: Hope it’s helpful for you. I really like your writing style, it’s more of a diary and storytelling vibe which is very soothing. Is Vietnam on your travel plan, Lakshmi? Would love to see your shots of it.

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