Five good reasons to chill on a holiday

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I don many roles when I travel – A backpacker sometime, a budget traveller next, a birder/wildlifer sometime , a heritage enthusiast  , a culture monger and sometimes an explorer . I am also a lazy bum and that  is a confession. My moods change along with the destinations and of late, I am addicted to the form of travel which has CHILL written all over it .And I am going to enjoy it while it lasts .

So why is chilling a good thing on a holiday ? Here are my reasons

1. Its good for your nerves. Even better, its good for the nerves of the person who is with you. And believe me , it helps digestion too. For someone like me who has a delicate stomach, a chilled out holiday keeps  acidity at bay !

2. On a more serious note,  travelling without an agenda helps you to discover more about a place or the people or even the culture .Many a time,  I have met interesting people who have shared far more interesting stories. If you want to travel with a purpose – say , you have come to see a tiger and then you end up seeing a jungle cat, you are bound to be disappointed . But if you travel with just the intention of just travelling , then any discovery is good – even if its five days old elephant dung

3. It keeps the surprise going. Sometimes you may just find the beautiful bird singing next to your window and that makes you jump in joy. You would have probably spent the last few birding trips, waking up at unearthly hours, plucking leeches from your feet , while looking for the bird all over the place.  Everything about the chilled out trip is a delight factor and it keeps the romance of travel going

4. Your itinerary is flexible . If the weather is bad, you can read a book or soak in  the mist around you. You can walk into a local eatery or a coffee shop and enjoy some warm conversations . Do whatever pleases you and spoil yourself in the freedom ..

5. It makes you savour your holidays more . Sometimes when you are running from one destination to another  and from one must see spot to another, you may just wonder where the holiday disappeared . Here you live every moment and eventually its those moments that count

So, there you are – would you like to chill on your next trip ?


  1. Uma 25 April, 2011 at 21:12 Reply

    I totally agree with you!! I especially like point no. 2 very much!! It has been a long time since I went on a CHILL holiday! Should try it!

  2. Tamanna 25 April, 2011 at 22:23 Reply

    I kept saying “exactly” through your post. And about #3 – a holiday is never complete without a few moments of wide eyed wonder. So there, I agree with everything again! 🙂

  3. Sanand 26 April, 2011 at 10:53 Reply

    Great write up, its my kind of travel too. I read this post in wonder, it seemed so simple, real and yes, everyone can connect to what you talked about.

  4. Vivek 27 April, 2011 at 10:53 Reply

    I relate this with train travel:
    1. Good for nerves: Simply relax.. you can’t stress your nerves to reach destination faster.
    2. You get to meet different people. The stories each one of them have make it all the more interesting. And believe me each one have stories 🙂
    3. Get more time to interact with your travel companion..’catch-up time’ which we miss to do due to our “busy” lives.. you would have many “wow i did not knew xyz about you”
    4. Itinerary? Eat,Meet,Sleep… be lazy 🙂
    5. No reaching early, at the most, on-time. Stay put in your couch and chill out

    That is why I always prefer train travel. i believe journey is more interesting than reaching destination.. omg that is true about life as well. May be i shd write a post on this in my blog 😛


  5. Ram 28 April, 2011 at 23:10 Reply

    I completely agree with points 2 and 3. That is how most of my trips and travels are..
    You never know what will surprise you and how..

    Good one Lakshmi..


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