Five things not to be missed in Bali

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Top attractions in Bali

One of my favourite destinations is Bali. It is one of those places where I threw my fear of the sea and did scuba diving for the first time of my life . Probably because my husband was with me or I had an instructor who was with me the whole time, I was able to get over my fear. However, there is more to Bali than just the sea – culture, temples, exotic sunsets, rustic charm, volcanoes – Bali is an absolutely wonderful destination and here are the five things you should not miss and my favourite top attractions in Bali

Top attractions in Bali - Tanah Lot Sunset, Bali

Sunset at Tanah Lot

Sunset at Tanah Lot

This may be touted as one of the must dos for tourists and believe me, it is not exaggerated. The 15th century temple built on a rock jutting out into the sea is dedicated to the sea gods and the sunset here is spectacular. Come here at least an hour early so that you can see the temple and then wait for the sun to bid its farewell. Personally for me, this is one of the top attractions in Bali

Kecak dance in Bali

This is as fiery as the sunset. Stories from the Ramayana take centre stage here but it is the trance and the chanting that takes your breath away. Do not miss it . Given a chance I would watch it in any temple or a regular stage is good as well. Pura Ulu Watu or Tanah Lot is a great location to watch this spectacle.

Kecak dance, fire dance, Bali, trance, top attractions in Bali

Kecak dance Bali photo, Five things not to be missed in Bali, Photo of Fire dance in Bali

Rustic Bali tour

From visiting homes and their family shrines to paddy fields to artisans, this is a beautiful tour and Ubud should be in your itinerary – another recommended one of the top attractions in Bali

Batur lake

One of the most beautiful places is Bali is Mount Batur and the lake below it. This is an active volcano and lots of tourists attempt to climb it .

Bali, Batur Lake photo, Mount Batur photo, Five things not to be missed in Bali, top attractions in Bali

Batur Lake in Bali

Scuba diving in Bali

For water sports of any kind – Bali is the place. And do try scuba diving – the  world beneath the ocean is a different world and a much more beautiful world.I fed the fish and touched the corals and I cannot tell you what a lovely and a scary experience it was at the same time .

Have you been to Bali ? What would be your recommendations ?

Five things to do in Indonesia – Travel With Lakshmi

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