Last week, I was travelling around Madhya Pradesh and spent a couple of days in Khajuraho, courtesy Lalit Hotels and the Small Luxury Hotels of the World, who hosted me . I had a wonderful trip of all the temples in Khajuraho in the company of an erudite scholar and guide , Mamaji. More on this trip later, while you enjoy some wonderful skies around the world in this week’s edition of Skywatch

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  1. Addison Clark 18 November, 2011 at 15:44 Reply

    Its a beautiful snap as its UNESCO world heritage site in central India, Khajuraho is a famous tourist and archaeological site known for its sculptured temples dedicated to Shiva, Vishnu, and Jain patriarchs.

  2. Saurabh Saxena 18 November, 2011 at 20:50 Reply

    I had a talk over phone with Mamaji when I was at Khajuraho, asking about locations of Nachna and Bhumara. There was a very nice souvenir shop in Gol Market whose owner introduced me to him. Jealous that Lalit hosted you :).

  3. Shantanu 20 November, 2011 at 11:11 Reply

    Hi Lakshmi, Looks like you are still going strong, but have moved to a Facebook-based blog model. I have been relatively unsocial online, but I do follow your travel feeds. Hope things are well!

  4. Shridhar Mhatre 2 June, 2013 at 21:07 Reply

    The Khajuraho temples are a tribute to the North Indian Nagara architectural style. The primary feature of this style is a central tower, whose highest point is directly over the temple’s main deity… Khajuraho

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