In the lap of nature

Just woke up and heading down for a hot breakfast. I had a rather relaxed day yesterday , chilling, reading, going on long walks – but this is not just a trip report. By now you would have guessed where I am. My agenda today is to continue being in the lap of nature – maybe I might go to a tea garden or a shola forest – havent decided as yet. However its time to give you another clue for the day . This time, its got to do with the phone thats giving me some great company during this trip – the E 7 . Here is your chance to win it, if you can guess the feature that I am referring to in this clue

So, you have got the clue there – Thought of trying to shoot a video on the phone and was amazed when I saw the results – Great picture quality and visual experience. You know what I am talking about right – trying to upload the video here, but the internet is a tad bit slow..some other time, but you do guess the feature I am referring to in the phone. As always, please submit your responses on the facebook page, although comments are welcome here. 


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