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India through my eyes – an ancient radio set

I love anything ancient . Places, cultures, antiques, furniture,  fossils..I guess am a bit old fashioned too, which is why I was surprised to find this ancient radio set in Coorg , in the bungalow where I was staying in Glenlorna Tea Plantation.

ancient radio set, old radio set british period

Ancient radio set

The plantations belonged to the Britishers at one time and am guessing the radio set was be from that era. I was very tempted to try if it was working but I did not want to mess with it .My earliest memory of old radio sets was when dad used to listen to cricket commentaries of matches played in Australia and England on the radio. I used to remember how we used to keep looking for the right frequency. I wonder where those radio sets are..

ancient radio set, Coorg

Ancient radio set

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