Souvenir Series – From the Taling Chan floating market in Bangkok

In the Souvenir Series, we visit the Taling Chan Floating Market in Bangkok. Although most of the products sold were produce, sweets, fruits and fish, we found several plants and herbs and even knick knacks and gifts. I found some gnomes and figurines and flower pots that are used to decorate gardens. I was so fascinated by these pretty owl shaped pots that I almost bought them, but I was worried they would break. If I get a chance to go back, I would for sure buy them. The market is open only on weekends and is quite a haven for both locals and tourists. It is a part of culture that is so intrinsic to Thailand. The floating market can be accessed by both water and road and all these were sold in stalls along the road. You can read my previous post about Taling Chan Floating Market and about My Five Favourite Memories from Thailand.

Souvenirs Taling Chan Floating Market Bangkok, Floating Market Bangkok, Gardening items Floating Market Bangkok

Souvenirs from Taling Chan Floating Market

Taling Chan Floating Bangkok, Gardening items Taling Chan Floating Market, Souvenirs Taling Chan Floating Market

I cant get enough of these owl shaped flower pots

Plants Taling Chan Floating market Bangkok, Souvenirs Taling Chan Floating Market Bangkok

I love these flowers ..

Taling Chan Floating Market Bangkok, Souvenirs Taling Chan Floating Market

Always wanted to have a rock garden

Souvenirs floating market Bangkok, Taling Chan Floating Market

And these were so pretty too

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