Journeys 2012 – Less is more

Exactly a year ago, I had written this post on Travel Plans for 2011. Knowing very well that travel + planning isnt really my forte I safely put forth a vague idea of where I would like to be in 2011.I have no intentions of analysing the post, but I would guess 2012 would be fairly similar. I am cutting down random trips and would like to focus more on people and their stories. Culture and heritage will continue to be my focus and the trips are also likely to be short and simple rather than elaborate itineraries.

1.Destinations International .I would like to go somewhere in Asia or Australia this year. Or even Europe and Middle East…let me see where the roads take me . One trip is planned already in January and I will update you on this in a couple of weeks.

2. Cultural and touristy festivals ..I have often stayed away from these as I am not really a crowd person, but I would like to visit them just for the festivity this time

3. Cities and metros – This is something new – I have always shunned big cities , but I am craving to go to Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata, especially the latter.

4. My roots  – This was planned last year, but I am finally going this year. And hopefully I will make a couple of more trips to my village

5. Destinations India – I had travelled extensively in the South last year, but this year, I would like to head west and north. I would like to go to Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and North East this year. 

And then of course, I am waiting for those weekend getaways and day trips which I thoroughly cherish ..So join me on my travels and follow me on Facebook as I update on the move.


  1. dharmabum 14 January, 2012 at 13:33 Reply

    ah, so its been a while 🙂 I don’t see you articles so often on the Hindu. Or am I missing something?
    Just dropped by to wish you a happy new year. Calcutta is highly addictive. And for festivals, I suggest you try Sivaratri in any of the Siva places – Omkareshwar, for one, I have heard can be very nice. Or Kasi! Happy traveling.

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