Make a wish with Lufthansa and see it come true

Do you like to have dinner with Obama or Rajinikanth ? Personally I would prefer Rajinikanth.  Is Machu Pichu your dream destination or would you like to see the Northern Lights ? Would you like tomatoes being thrown at you or bars of chocolates ? Which festival would you like to see РThe Burning Man or Ram Leela ? Make a wish with Lufthansa and it might just come true.

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Nonstop wishlist – Lufthansa Network Challenge

If you are wondering how to do that, you need to play the Lufthansa Network Challenge, a game on Facebook, (Read the post here on how to play the game ), answer forty questions from four different zones and then you will reach this page where you can make a wish. It is the longest Facebook Wall Post with a Non Stop Wishlist and you can keep adding to it. However you can reach it only if you have played all the four zones. I have finished two zones and heading to the third. Wish me luck as I have just a boarding card left . Meanwhile, you guys get on to Facebook and start playing the game here –



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