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Take the Lufthansa Network Challenge and win a trip !

Have you heard of Ashgabat ? Or for what matter can you identify a fancy palatial building there ? Or guess the name of the Leaning Tower in Abu Dhabi which is inclined at 18* ? I now know of seven star hotels in the Middle East, the art decor of cinema theatres built in the 30s, the names of sky scrapers in Hong Kong and  Shanghai and even prominent statues there.

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It is raining contests all around me and the winner gets it all. All the airlines are virtually offering the sky to contestants. And Lufthansa has joined the bandwagon with their game on Facebook called Lufthansa Network Challenge.  You can play the game here by clicking here 

Lufthansa Network Challenge, Lufthansa Airlines

Lufthansa Network Challenge

I wish the questions were as easy as When did Sachin Tendulkar retire because I have a terrible memory remembering dates and names. Yet travelling around the world, even while sitting at home by answering questions on various countries and cities gives me a high. And now, I feel like actually visiting the place and looking at the monument that is being quizzed about.

My experience so far in the Lufthansa Network Challenge has been somewhat like a snakes and ladder game. I started with Asia and won all the ten questions and then greedily tried answering a trick question on China. I got it wrong and lost all my points at one go..But then it was such fun that I restarted all over again . I was done with Asia when I landed at the bonus question all over again. After dilly dallying whether to tempt fate or not, I decided to go for it and yo, I landed with a question from Hong Kong. So, now, I doubled my points and am going to celebrate with some wine.

Next time I am stuck, I am going to reach out to one of my intelligent friends on Facebook. Maybe they will help me win a trip. But you know, its not so much about winning. I know there are tons of people out there who are well travelled and smarter than me but I just enjoy learning something new every time I am here. The game is a perfect stress buster and secondly , it tempts you to plan a visit to these countries. I have been scoring terribly low on China and Japan, so I guess I should go there soon.

Why do I play ? Because its addictive . Why should you play ? Because it is addictive and there are tons of prizes to be won, including  a free trip to any destination in the world, where Lufthansa flies to . All you have to do is to polish your grey cells a bit, pray for a lot of luck, ask your friends on FB to be on standby and try the game. All the best ! Keep the dice rolling..One never knows which part of the world you may get to win.

And one trick question before I end..I completely cracked up on seeing this question but i was extremely happy and kicked. Unlike Lufhtansa Network Challenge, I will give you clues…Its about my favourite city and a person I completely adore in that city..Now go ahead and guess that !




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