I woke up with a groggy start today after a rather dramatic day yesterday and my thoughts went back to Sikkim. I was there for just a few days, staying at the Club Mahindra’s Royal Demazong property near Gangtok and my only crib was I just didnt have enough of it. Being on the road took most of the time and I would have , given an option just preferred to stare at the mountains from the balcony all day. At 5.30 am, when the mountains were still drenched in rain, the whistling thrush used to greet me with a song . I woke up with a sore throat and a heavy sinus, but couldnt resist standing in the balcony, losing myself in the mountains


  1. Ugich Konitari 24 October, 2010 at 09:12 Reply

    City throats,
    pothole sinuses,
    hot water bottles,
    and sleep.

    all you need
    is a whistling thrush
    to power your
    throat response;
    undulating mountains,
    deep misty valleys,
    earthy rain
    and the cleanest
    pine air
    urging a stuffy sinus
    to give up.

    A deep breath
    a cup
    of adrak clovy tea,
    and a namaskar
    to the morning sun
    over the mountains….

    Looking forward to more Sikkim pictures !

  2. shooting star 24 October, 2010 at 18:02 Reply

    last year, i went to darjeeling with family and while on the way everyone was telling that we should do the sikkim trip too while we were there…we dint have the time!!!
    but that gave me the determination to do sikkim in detail…..!!
    pic is awesome!!!

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