When I come back from every trip, I think that this has been it – the trip of my lifetime , but then I start planning for the next and wish someone could just sponsor it. Ive been dying to go to Himachal Pradesh and soak in the Himalayas and my trip of a lifetime is just going to happen.And this is made possible by Club Mahindra .

CLAY has just announced a contest which could make you win your trip of a lifetime. Just pen your thoughts on the best travelogue and email it to clay@clubmahindra.com and you could join us on a trip to Mashobra in September. For more details, visit CLAY or become a fan of CLUB Mahindra on FACEBOOK.

Last date : August 19, 2009..Dont miss it !


  1. Anu 13 August, 2009 at 12:55 Reply

    you really struck a chord here with me, Lakshmi….really wish everytime i start planning a trip that someone would sponsor it!!!! have already sent in my entry… just hope it is ok..

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