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Photo feature – Sheikh Zayad Mosque, the largest in UAE

Abu Dhabi mosque

Eid Mubarak to everyone. We feature one of the largest mosques in the Emirates. Driving from Dubai to Abu Dhabi, the Sheikh Zayed Mosque, which is apparently the size of five football fields. It is a silent afternoon and there is just a handful of us at the mosque. And walking around I realize that almost everything here is larger than life and exceptionally beautiful

Abu Dhabi mosque

A marvel in white

I am dazzled by the sheer brilliance as I stop and stare at the largest mosque in Emirates , the Sheikh Zayed Mosque which was built by the first President of the  UAE, Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan in the last decade.

Abu Dhabi mosque

View of the minarets

The mosque which took about ten years to be built has more tall minarets, each one supposedly standing tall at 350 feet .

Abu Dhabi mosque

There are over 80 domes here

As I enter the mosque , I am blinded by the sheer white of the 82 domes .

Abu Dhabi mosque

Blinded by the beauty of the courtyard

The courtyard is one of the most beautiful part of the façade filled with pillars while the marble mosaic with its floral designs are soothing to the eye.

Abu Dhabi mosque

Another view of the beautiful Abu Dhabi

Reflecting the pillars are water bodies and pools around the mosque .

Abu Dhabi mosque

The entrance to the mosque

Only natural materials have been used in the mosque – from marble, crystal ceramics , semi precious stones and even gold.

Abu Dhabi mosque

The marble mosaic at the courtyard

The marble mosaic at the courtyard is believed to be over 180000 sq feet and more than 30 different varieties of marble was brought in from different countries like Italy, India and China among others.

Abu Dhabi Mosque

The interiors of the mosque

The prayer room, one of the largest can accommodate almost 7000 devotees, while 40,000 people can enter the mosque at a time.Beautiful pillars grace the prayer room, all 96 of them inlaid with mother of pearl.

Abu Dhabi mosque

One of the largest carpets woven for the mosques

Looking down I see one of the world’s hand knotted carpets . Made in Iran by more than 1200 craftsmen, it is spread over 60570 sq feet of space.

Abu Dhabi mosque

The chandeliers at Abu Dhabi mosque

Looking up I see beautiful chandeliers gracing the room , made in Germany, sparkling with Swarovski crystals.

Abu Dhabi mosque

Beautiful lighting in the mosque

With a diameter of 33 feet , one of the chandeliers at a height of 49 feet is apparently one of the largest chandeliers to be built in a mosque.

Abu Dhabi mosque

More pretty colours in the ceiling

Have you seen a grander mosque than this ?




  1. Dency 4 August, 2014 at 21:28 Reply

    I have been there and the mosque turns breathtakingly beautiful in the night when its illuminated… every light is placed in perfect angle to reflect the intricate details of the mosque.

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