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Skywatch – The Big Temple or the Brihadeshwara Temple at Thanjavur

After five years, the roads are taking me on the Chola Trail again. The Great Living Chola temples which are part of the World UNESCO site beckon me . I was not just awestruck but humbled and speechless when I saw Raja Raja Chola’s Big Temple built in the 10th century. Words defy me as I stood near the Big or the Brihadeshwara temple at Thanjavur whose Vimana is a staggering 216 feet tall, taller than the Gopuram that stands at the entrance.

Photo of Thanjavur Big temple, Thanjavur, Big temple, Periya temple, Brihadeshwara temple, Shiva, Raja Raja Chola,

The Big temple at Thanjavur


Photo of Thanjavur Big temple, Periya temple, Brihadeshwara Temple, UNESCO site, World Heritage , Greatest Living Chola Temples, Shiva, Raja Raja Chola

Big temple – Thanjavur


Photo of Thanjavur Big Temple, Periya Temple,Raja Raja Chola, Brih

Thanjavur – Big Temple

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  1. Sylvia Kirkwood 25 October, 2013 at 21:25 Reply

    Beautiful skies that make a wonderful backdrop for such an awesome temple!! And all of those make for a terrific capture for the day! Thanks for sharing! Enjoy a great weekend, Lakshmi!

  2. ashok 6 January, 2014 at 19:21 Reply

    intha temple kandipa ennala marakka mudiyaathu. Bocz intha temple enakku rommmmmmmmmmmmmba pidikkum. naan 6 yearsa poganum ninaichu recenta thaan poittu vanthan. anga shivana paathathumae naan ennayau meeri control panna mudiyaama aluthutan. so i love this temple…. intha maathiri temple vera engayum paaka mudiyaathu…………. avlo alagu……….. ithukku mela enakku enna sollurathunu theriyala…………. sambo maha deva………………

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