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Its been less than three weeks since I launched this site and migrated my old blog here and its heartening to see the hits and number of visitors here. Some old friends have come calling and a few new visitors have come in too.  I probably should have done this earlier, but here is a warm welcome to all of you.

Today, I finally redirected my blog from blogger to wordpress. I must say I felt a bit sad, like I was losing an old friend. The old template has been with me since 2005 and I have changed it just once in the last nine years. And somehow, even though it looked so amateurish, it seemed to be an extension of me.  It had life in it . The baby steps that I took in blogging has got me here today.  Besides the various opportunities to travel I have had editors contacting me for stories and corporates calling me a key influencer.  All this and more was documented on blogger.

Today, all my content – almost 700 posts rest here on this site and all your comments are here too. It was a fascinating read – to go back to my old posts and read them. I think I was a better blogger then – more personal.

Anyways, change is always a good thing and I am very happy to have my own site finally. Thanks for all the wishes .I will be blogging again very regularly and sharing more stories and experiences with you. I look forward to seeing you here more often and engaging with you.  And thanks a ton for reading and sharing them in your circles.


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